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Neonc Technologies

is a medical biotechnology company focused on creating novel delivery methods for pharma-based therapeutics that target Brain and Central Nervous System (CNS) diseases. Founded in 2008, the company has developed a unique molecular wrapper technology that can effectively transport therapeutics directly to the brain without the normal boundary restrictions imposed by the body’s Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB). As a result, pharma companies that may have had limited success with their CNS therapeutics because of current delivery restrictions will now be able to provide patients with far more effective treatments.


Current methods of delivery for pharma-based therapeutics to the brain continue to have limited success due to the body’s natural defense mechanism that prevents therapeutics from reaching their target.


Neonc Technologies has created a delivery vehicle for pharma-based therapeutics that allows the treatment to reach its targeted area in the brain faster and at full potency to dramatically improve efficacy and results.


Neonc Technologies molecular wrapper technology has the potential to fundamentally improve the success of pharma-based therapeutic treatments in helping countless patients achieve better outcomes.

CNS Disease By The Numbers

The impact of CNS disease both on human life and financial cost is staggering. Though advances continue to be wide, for those suffering from non-operable forms of these issues, pharma-based therapeutics remains the best hope. Effective delivery of these therapeutics still remains one of the biggest hurdles to improving efficacy.

Here are some of the CNS Disease areas where Neonc Technologies hopes to provide a significant advance in treatment efficacy and outcome.


cancerous tumors of the brain and spinal cord

Statistics are for U.S only and based on most current data reported. $-US

Glioma Diagnoses Annually

Number of Deaths Annually


5 Year Survival Rate

Annualized Cost of Care Per Patient


irreversible, progressive brain disorder that destroys memory and thinking skills

Statistics are for global rates and based on most current data reported. $-US

Patients Currently Diagnosed


Percentage of Undiagnosed Patients

Annualized Cost of Care Per Patient

Annual Unpaid Labor Hours for Care


progressive nervous system disorder that affects motor control movement. 

Statistics are based on the most current data reported. $-US

Patients Currently Diagnosed in U.S.

Patients Currently Diagnosed Globally

Annual Cost of Care

Average Annual Medication Cost per Patient


abnormally excessive or synchronous neuronal activity in the brain resulting in uncontrolled motor movement and consciousness impairment 

Statistics are for U.S. rates and based on most current data reported. $-US

Average Annual Incidence Rate

Average Annual Prevalence Rate

Aggregate Hospitalization Costs

Average Annual Out-Of-Pocket Cost per Patient