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Pharmaceutical Compositions Comprising POH Derivatives
Patent Number: US 9,499,461 B2
Country Filed In: USA
Formulation: NEO 100


The present invention provides for a derivative of monoter­pene or sesquiterpene, such as a perillyl alcohol derivative. For example, the perillyl alcohol derivative may be a perillyl alcohol carbamate. The perillyl alcohol derivative may be perillyl alcohol conjugated with a therapeutic agent such as a chemotherapeutic agent. The present invention also pro­vides for a method of treating a disease such as cancer, comprising the step of delivering to a patient a therapeuti­cally effective amount of a derivative of monoterpene ( or sesquiterpene ). The route of administration may vary, and can include, inhalation, intranasal, oral, transdermal, intra­venous, subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.

The Formulation:

NEO 100 is a highly purified form of the natural compound Perillyl Alcohol (POH). POH is a natural substance isolated from the essential oils of lavender, peppermint, spearmint, cherries, celery seeds, and several other plants. Research evidence has shown that POH can interfere with the replication of dividing cells such as seen in cancer. POH has shown antitumor activity against a range of cancer types including pancreatic, lung, colon, and liver cancers in laboratory and animal studies and an inhaled form of POH has shown preliminary evidence of safety and effectiveness in patients with recurrent gliomas. NEO100 serves as the base component of each of NeOnc Technologies product line.