NEO212, temozolomide conjugated to perillyl alcohol, is a novel drug for effective treatment of a broad range of temozolomide-resistant gliomas.

August 2014

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 2014, 13:2004.


This report on compound NEO212 demonstrates its cancer therapeutic potency in cell culture and mouse models of glioblastoma (GBM), the most deadly form of primary brain cancer. It is observed in clinical practice that nearly all these patients eventually stop responding to treatment with temozolomide, the current standard of chemotherapeutic care for this patient group. This is due to different forms of resistance mechanisms that emerge in some of the patient’s tumor cells. This study shows that NEO212 exerted effective tumor cell killing potency against GBM cells, irrespective of their resistance mechanisms. Thus, while temozolomide was ineffective in these resistant cells, NEO212 retained therapeutic potency.

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