Clinical Trials Qualifications


NEONC is conducting investigational clinical trials of NEO100 at select neuro-oncology centers in the United States.



To be considered to participate in the study, a patient must meet all of the following inclusion criteria among:

Patient must have radiographically-confirmed progression or recurrent Grade IV glioma, and must be on a stable dose of steroid for at least five days.

The Grade IV glioma tumor is multi-focal, as assessed at the baseline (pre-study) MRI evaluation.

The size of the Grade IV glioma tumor is > 30mm, as assessed at the baseline (pre-study) MRI evaluation.

Patient must have failed previous radiation and temozolomide treatment.

Patient must be of age = 18 years.

Patient must be willing to provide blood samples for pharmacokinetic study.

Patient must have the ability to understand, and the willingness to sign, a written informed consent.


Exclusion Criteria

If the patient meets any of the following criteria, the patient will not be considered.

Patient has had more than one recurrence or progression of their tumors.

Patient is receiving any other investigational agents.

Patient has a history of allergic reactions attributed to perillyl alcohol.

Patient has had prior treatment with perillyl alcohol, administered either intravenously or intranasally.

Patient has a history of new diagnosis or treatment of cancer other than malignant glioma within five years prior to start of the study, except for basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma.


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