Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

NeOnc Technologies is currently conducting clinical trials for the following products:

NEO100 Glioma Study (The Cleveland Clinic) ClinicalTrials.Gov NCT02704858



Standard treatment for newly diagnosed malignant glioma (grade 3 or grade 4, comprising anaplastic astrocytomas and glioblastomas) includes surgical removal of the main tumor mass, followed by radiation therapy in combination with chemotherapy based on temozolomide (Temodar®). Unfortunately, despite this intensive three-way intervention, only a small minority of patients achieves long-term benefit; in the vast majority of cases,the tumor recurs (comes back) in a manner that does not any more respond well to standard treatment. For these latter patients, a clinical trial may be recommended.


NeOnc Technologies, Inc., is conducting an investigational clinical trial for patients with recurrent Grade 4 glioma/glioblastoma. In this trial, NEO100—a natural compound—will be administered via nasal inhalation (“sniffing”) with a nebulizer and a nose mask several times a day. This easy-to-perform procedure, which typically takes 10-15 minutes, can be done by the patients themselves and does not require a visit to the clinic or hospital. The course of treatment will begin with instructions and a single dose under the supervision of a doctor; thereafter, the patients will self-administer 4 times daily without break periods.


The purpose of this clinical trial is:

  • To confirm the safety of inhalation of different doses of NEO100 (done by monitoring the overall well-being of the patient)
  • To determine the therapeutic efficacy of NEO100 (done by observing the effects on the tumor)

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